Write to your TD about the exclusion of children from Personalised Budgets

Children in Ireland are to be excluded from the pilot or "demonstration projects" on Personalised Budgets that will be taking place soon.

This development is out of step with most countries that use Personalised Budgets because they have no lower age limit.

In Ireland, under 18s make up 12% of the disabled population and 1 in 3 people with an intellectual disability in the State is under the age of 19.

So why is Ireland excluding young people?


Inclusion Ireland is asking you to write to your public representative to ask why children with disabilities and their families will not have the opportunity to access these person-centred supports.

We have put together a template for you to send to your local TD, senator or councillor to raise with the Taoiseach and the Minister of State for Disability Issues:


Dear Deputy/Senator/Councillor ___________,


I am writing to express my concern that people under the age of 18 will be excluded from accessing personalised budgets, as recommended by the Task Force on Personalised Budgets to the Minister of State for Disability Issues.

A personalised budget is an amount allocated to a person with a disability to cover the cost of providing their care and support needs following an assessment of need or personalised planning process. The aim of a personalised budget is to allow a person and their family to decide what services and supports the individual receives, and who provides those services and supports.

Most countries that have introduced personalised budgets have no lower age limit. However, in the Irish pilot or “demonstration project”, our young people will not be allowed to take part.

As my public representative, I would like you to raise this serious matter with the Minister directly and appeal to the Minister to include young people in this important, person-centred programme.


Yours sincerely,



If you are unsure who your local representative is or you do not have their email address, you will find those details here.

If you would like to share your story with Inclusion Ireland around how a Personalised Budget would benefit the life of you or your child, email us at info@inclusionireland.ie or call us on 01 855 9891.

You can read our briefing document on the exclusion here.

You can download our Why Personal Budgets? info sheet here.