Information for voters with intellectual disabilities ahead of Friday's referendum

The Referendum

On Friday 25th May 2018, there is a vote on a proposal concerning the regulation of termination of pregnancy. If the proposal passes, it will remove the 8th amendment of the Constitution, if the proposal does not pass the Constitution will remain the same. All Irish citizens who are registered to vote, are entitled to vote and below are some resources that may be of support in deciding how to vote and getting out and voting on Friday.

Information about Voting

Inclusion Ireland developed an easy-to-read information about voting with the support of the Department of Environment Community and Local Government This booklet explains the steps involved in voting and what to expect. It can be downloaded by clicking on this link

There are a number of accommodations for people with disabilities, including 'companion voting' where somebody fills out the ballot paper for you, in line with your wishes. There will also be tactile ballot templates at polling stations for people with limited or no sight so that they can cast their votes in secret. Citizen's Information have information about voting and people with disabilities and you can read that by clicking on this link

Independent information about the Referendum

It is the function of the the Referendum Commission to communicate factual information about referendums in a neutral and impartial way. The Commission has produced independent guides to the referendum in various formats for people with certain disabilities. Their guide for people with intellectual disabilities can be downloaded by clicking on this link

Watch the Referendum Commission's video here



Information about a 'Yes' vote and Lawyers for Choice have produced an easy-to-read version of their information - supported by the Centre for Disability Law & Policy & Inclusion Ireland. This guide provides legal information about  how the 8th amendment has affected people and what a vote for 'Yes' would mean. The booklet can be downloaded by clicking on this link

Inclusion Ireland joined 'Together for Yes' in April because it is our view that the 8th Amendment creates an unequal society for people with intellectual disabilities and hurts people's rights. You can read about Inclusion Ireland's position by clicking on this link