Ordinary Lives in Ordinary Places - A Plan for Effective Participation in Decision Making for People with Disabilities and Families


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The Minister with responsibility for Disability, Finian McGrath, launched The Plan for Effective Participation in Decision Making for People with Disabilities and families on 24th September 2018.

The Plan is for the HSE to support people with disabilities and families to be more involved in decisions that affect their lives.

The Plan is the work of Working Group 3 as part of the Transforming Lives Programme.

Working Group 3 included people with disabilities, disability organisations and representatives from HSE.

Working Group 3 worked on the barriers to being involved in decisions that are important in their lives.

The Plan uses the values of Autonomy, Respect, Creative Responses and Mutual Support.

The Plan explains the supports and strategies that will make sure that people with disabilities and families can take part in decisions in a way that works well for everyone.

The Plan recommended that there should be an implementation group set up to make the changes and recommendations of the Plan happen.

This is the next step, the Implementation Group will come together.

The Minister invited Working Group 3 to meet him in six months from the launch to see what work the Implementation Group has done in that time.

During its work, working group 3 came up with a lot of ideas that would help the plan work well.

These ideas will help the Implementation Group do their work.

These ideas are in an implementation guide.



There are 3 steps in the guide:


Step 1: Mapping and Making Local Disability Fora

This is about seeing what groups are already working and making new groups so people can participate in making decisions.

Step 2: Supports

This is about putting supports in place to make sure people can participate and that meetings and consultations work well at all levels.

Step 3: Monitoring and Reviewing

This is about making sure that the Plan once it is in place works well and that feedback and communication work well so that real change happen.


You can read all about the Plan on the HSE website here. It includes The Plan, the Implementation Guide, and Plain English versions of both too.