Making a Will


One of the most frequent enquiries Inclusion Ireland receives is on the topic of Making a Will.



For people with a disability:

If you are a person with a disability and would like to make a will, we have partnered with PILA’s pro-bono referral scheme, LinkedIn and Mason, Hayes & Curran solicitors to offer will consultations for free. All the solicitors who take part have received training on disability and communication. Participants in the project have described the experience as a positive one:

“The solicitors explained everything to me as they went along.”

“They listened to me very much. I thought they were excellent.”

“I asked a few questions and if I couldn't understand, they explained it to me."

The project is open to people with disabilities and appointments are made by contacting or by calling 01 855 9891.


For parents of people with disabilities, there are many considerations:

  • Social Protection payments

  • Disability Allowance Means Test

  • Ward of Court Issues

  • Guardianship (involving children)

  • Living arrangements

  • Trust Funds

Disabled people have the same rights as others to make a will.


Guides and Fact Sheets

Inclusion Ireland has prepared two guides on making wills, and these guides are designed to be used in conjunction with legal advice from your solicitor.

Easy to Read Guide to making a Will 

Financial Matters Fact Sheet


Other Useful Info

Disability Allowance Means Test

Discretionary Trust Tax Information