Therapy resources: behavioural, speech, occupational

The National Council for Special Education has released a series of books that can support parents and teachers around behavioural issues. There are at present 6 resource packs available online with one more to come. The aim of the resources are to give parents some skills in managing behaviour in the home setting and also to enable learning in the home. These helpful resources cover communication, moving form one task to the next, establishing good routines, rewarding and much, much more. 


Resource 1 is Behaviour Support Pack for Children and Young People with Additional Support Needs


Resource 2 is Home Routines for Children and Young People with Additional Support Needs 


Resource 3 is Using Reward Systems at Home


Resource 4 is about Establishing Behaviour Contracts at Home 


Resource 5 is about A Total Communication Approach 


Resource 6 is all about learning life skills for young people with additional needs


Resource 7 is about Transitioning from one task or job ot the next one 


In addition to these behaviour management guides, the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) has a huge amount of resources on their website for parents including speech and language therapy and occupational therapy resources, literacy, motor skills, vocabulary and storytelling activities.

The occupational therapy resources include activities parents can work on such as developing motor skills, teaching self-regulation and working on sensory processing issues.

The speech and language therapy resources include helping your child to develop and model language, promoting communication skill development and much more. There are also social stories about the Covid 19 situation.

All NCSE resources can be accessed here