Value for Money Report

Report of the Value for Money and Policy Review of Disability Services in Ireland (VFM Report)

This 312 page review is an evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of all HSE-funded disability services in Ireland.

It was conducted by the Department of Health and the HSE under the Government’s programme of Value for Money Reviews for 2009-2011.

The disability services were selected for review in consideration of the significant annual expenditure on the programme, the size of the population directly affected by the services and the scope and nature of services provided.

The report makes a range of recommendations about how these disability services should be structured.

The priority recommendations are to: 

Strengthen the national disability function. 

Initiate projects to move towards a person-centred model. 

Put in place a commissioning and procurement framework.

Develop a national resource allocation model which will provide a framework for individualised budgeting & ‘money follows the patient’. 

Establish strategic information requirements.

The immediate actions to be undertaken are:

Streamline Service Level Arrangement process and standardise financial reporting.

Each service provider to examine Value for Money findings and draw up plans for: audit of rosters, review of skill mix, critical examination of cost base, reduction in average cost per place for a range of service types and support needs.

Introduce a unique identifier for people using a service (personal identification number) to support a move to individualised funding and service provision.

Develop a national implementation plan, informed by policy appraisal of the person centred model of services and supports.

How are the report’s findings being implemented?

The National Implementation Framework describes how the recommendations from the Value for Money (VFM) and Policy Review of the Disability Services Programme will be translated into concrete actions.

The framework assigns responsibilities for those actions and specifies timelines for completion. 

A national steering group monitors implementation of the recommendations from the Value for Money and Policy Review. The Department of Health publishes minutes of the steering group meetings.

The programme for the implementation of the recommendations of the Value for Money and Policy Review is called Transforming Lives.

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