Public Sector Duty


Inclusion Ireland got funding from the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission for a project on the Public Sector Duty.

A steering committee of 6 people with intellectual disabilities was picked for the project. This committee helped plan and carry out the project.

The project comes with two booklets, a guide called What is the Public Sector Duty? and a checklist called Checking a Public Service for Accessibility.

You can view and download the two documents here:

What is the Public Sector Duty?

Checking a Public Service for Accessibility

Presentation on the Public Sector Duty 



Part 1: Noreen, Muireann and Orla talk about the Public Sector Duty 



Part 2: Noreen, Orla and Muireann talk about discrimination



An example: Using the Public Sector Duty when visiting the Doctor


Part 3: What must public services do? 



Role Play 1: Orla and Noreen practice asking questions of a public service



Role Play 2: Ruth and Brendan make a complaint about a public service