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This section aims to inform parents of the supports and entitlements their child may access in schools.

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Information and Fact Sheets​

1. Section 29 Appeal

This is provided for in the Education Act 1998. Where a child is expelled from school or refused a place in a school the parent can appeal this decision. The appeal is made to the Department of Education or the local Education and Training Board.  

Section Appeal 29 Fact Sheet

​Section 29 Appeals Application Form

Section 29 Appeal - Introduction 

2. July provision

This is an extension to the school year for children with autism or a severe/profound intellectual disability. Many children receive July provision in school. Where a school does not provide July provision a child can avail of 40 hours of home based tuition.  

July Provision Fact Sheet

Home based July Provision 2015 Information 

3. Extra Information 

Information for Parents/Guardians of Children and Young People with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Special Needs Assistant Scheme