Corona Virus

COVID - 19 Blogs from people with intellectual disability

Read Tomás Murphy's thoughts on Coronavirus, coping in lockdown and getting back to work here


Read Inclusion Ireland self-advocate, Paul Alfords thoughts about keeping good routine during the Covid period here


Local Response fora

Each Local Authority (Council) in Ireland has established a forum to assist the 'most vulnerable' people in communities. Local volunteers 

can assist with shopping, getting medications or taking you to the doctor and many other supports. Your local number to call is in this 

list. Look for your area and call the number if you need some assistance.




Protecting yourself from Coronavirus

There are lots of illnesses, colds and viruses a person can catch. Not all are Coronavirus. You can check the symptoms of 

Coronavirus here but remember if you are concerned call your GP.

Inclusion Ireland has also developed an easy to read document. This tells you how you can try to prevent catching

the virus and also what to do incase you have been in contact with a person who has the virus. We have also developed 

an easy read guide to good hand washing practice. There is no need to panic  at the

moment. Inclusion Ireland would like if you could share these easy-to-read documents far and wide.

The HSE has developed a easy-to-read book that explains all aspects of Coronavirus. It can be read


Government announced restrictions on leaving your home which were updated on May 18th. We should only leave home when absolute essential. 

Read our easy-to-read document on the updated restrictions 

June 8th has seen a further easing of restrictions on our lives. You can read about the new guidelines here   


Residential care services

As of 28th April, we are advised that 90% of disability services are COVID-19 free, the other 10% are so far coping with

their outbreaks. Sadly, 10 people have passed away due to COVID-19. These are worrying times for residents and their families.

We have developed a short guide to the precautions that are in place and how you may advocate for your family member.


Some families have taken their family member home during the COVID-19 period. Note that the long stay contribution 

does not have to be paid during the time your family member is not living in the residential centre.




Health Passports

In case your family member with an intellectual disability has to go into hospital for treatment it can be a 

good move to have a 'health passport' which lists all about the person and any medications, likes and dislikes 

they may have. Use this guide when filling out a health passport so it is as good as it can be.This makes it easier

for health professionals to treat the person. This fun video explains all about health passports, their use and why

they are so important.


Minding mental health and staying in contact

During this time of having to stay at home and not being able to visit family, mental health can suffer. Inclusion Ireland has a guide

to the best ways of staying in contact with a smartphone or iPad. We have also developed an easy-to-read guide on

keeping good mental health for people with intellectual disabilities. This guide involves some simple things

we can all do to keep mental health well.


Coronavirus testing and planning for a positive test result

We have added a new document on what you may expect to happen if you have to get tested for Coronavirus 

It is always wise to have a plan in place for if a family carer, a person with a disability or other family member 

catches Coronavirus. We have an easy to read guide on being prepared in case this happens. 

We have added a new easy to read document that explains measures that need to be taken in the home should a family

member catch Coronavirus. 


*All Inclusion Ireland easy read documents may be accessed for print at the foot of the page


Videos on Coronavirus and protecting yourself

The World Health Organisation has released a short video on how to protect yourself from catching the Corona Virus

you can view the video here 

The Health Service Executive also has a good video on hand washing. This is the single best way to prevent 

the spread of Corona Virus


For people with intellectual disabilities getting a Coronavirus test can be a very scary experience as you do not know what might happen.

To prepare you for the teat look at this very short video. It explains what you might expect to see.


Easy to read documents to download or print