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This page provides information and updates on current disability policy in Ireland. 

Jargon Buster

We are campaigning for all public information to be written in plain English and accessible to all.

Here are explanations for frequently used jargon and acronyms (HSE = Health Service Executive, for example)

Policy Watch Jargon Buster

Information and Fact Sheets

1. Law and Policy - What you need to know

A summary of disability law and policy. 

Law and Policy information sheet

2. Assisted Decision-Making

An introduction to the new assisted decision making legislation and information about capacity, informal decision making and decision making supports under the planned legislation. 

Assisted Decision-Making - Fact Sheet

Inclusion Report submission on Assisted Decision-Making (2014)

3. Progressing Disability Services for Children 

Information about services for children and young people

4. Congregated Settings

A congregated setting is where 10 or more people with a disability are housed in a single living unit or placed in accommodation that is campus or institution based.

Congregated Settings - Fact Sheet

Congregated Settings - Policy Watch

Time to Move on from Congregated Settings - A Strategy for Community Inclusion

5. New Directions

The HSE wants to ensure that all day services for persons with a disability are run in line with the principles of New Directions.

What is New Directions and what do phrases such as “day-service”, “person–centred” and “community inclusion” mean?

New Directions - Fact Sheet