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Inclusion Ireland has called on the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC) to conclude year-long consideration of call for inquiry into continued use of congregated settings in Ireland.

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Inclusion Ireland has long advocated for the closure of institutional settings accommodating adults and children with an intellectual disability.

In 2007, the HSE agreed that a national plan was required to inform a programme to support to people to live a life of their own choosing in the community. A Working Group on Congregated Settings was established. Inclusion Ireland was a member of this Working Group.

Congregated Settings Report (2011)

The working group’s report: 'A Time to Move on from Congregated Settings: A Strategy for Community Inclusion' was published by the HSE in 2011. 

The picture that emerged in the course of the work done for the report is one of a group of people who live isolated lives apart from any community and from families; many experience institutional living conditions where they lack basic privacy and dignity. Most have multiple disabilities and complex needs.

The report's core recommendation is that people living in congregated settings should be moved to the community. The working group recommended a seven year timeframe for full implementation of the report’s recommendations. The report can be accessed below.

Monitoring Implementation

A national project group was established by the HSE to monitor progress in implementation of the report’s recommendations. Inclusion Ireland is a member of this national group. Details of the working group and its activities can be accessed at the links below.

Value for Money and Policy Review

This review is an evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of the HSE-funded statutory and non-statutory disability services in Ireland. It was conducted by the Department of Health and the HSE. It makes a range of recommendations about how these services should be structured

New oversight arrangements for monitoring implementation were established under this process in 2014. Inclusion Ireland is represented on the new structures. 

Moving Ahead Project

This is a research project funded by the Health Research Board to investigate the factors that contribute to the successful support of people with intellectual disability from congregated to the community. The research was completed in 2014 and reports can be accessed below.

Further Information 

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The Moving Ahead reports can be accessed here (External website)

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