CFN - July Provision

July provision is the extended school year. It is open to children with a severe/profound intellectual disability or autism only. This is an educational program.  July provision can be either school based or home based.

School based provision:

A special school or special class attached to a mainstream school for children with autism or severe/profound intellectual disability may run a July Provision program. A mainstream school that has a class for children with autism or severe/profound intellectual disability may run a July provision program.

There are only 4 second level schools running a July program on a pilot basis. July provision runs for 4 weeks and has a normal school day.

The regular school staff does not have to take part in July provision but normal staffing levels are maintained. Your child may have a different teacher and SNA for July provision. School transport continues during July provision.

Home based:

If a child attends a school that does not provide for July provision they may access a home based program. This must be delivered by a person registered with the Teaching Council of Ireland

Under home based July provision, 40 hours of tuition are provided for (10 hours per week maximum).

Siblings must share the 40 hours via group tuition. Sharing may not always be possible. A parent can appeal to the Special Education Section of the Department of Education and Skills (DES). Typical reasons why siblings cannot work together may include a wide age difference, a wide difference in abilities, different modes of communication, etc. A supporting letter from the teacher or principal or psychologist will help in your appeal.

If a child is eligible for a school based provision they may not opt for home based July provision instead. However where the school based programme is less than 4 weeks the child may be eligible for the balance of the weeks (subject to a maximum of 4 weeks) under the home based programme

The period to apply for July provision varies slightly from year to year. In general, applications are made in April. However, they can be made right up to July. Application details become available on

Important points:

For some teachers, they will only get paid in November. A parent should never pay the teacher in advance.

Teaching should never begin until the DES has issued you (the parent) with a letter of approval.

Tuition is not allowed in August.

For home based July provision, tuition cannot exceed 10 hours per week.

The DES set rates of payment. A parent should never supplement this.

Further information

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