Organisations and Agencies - Who's Who?



AsIAm is the Autism Spectrum Information Advice Meeting Point. AsIAm provides online information about autism and a platform for people affected by autism to share their stories. AsIAm also provides a strong voice for the concerns of the community. 



Centre for Independent Living (CIL)

Established by and for people with disabilities with the main aim of ensuring that people with disabilities achieved Independent Living, choice and control over their lives and full participation in society as equal citizens. The Centre for Independent Living has 22 centres nationwide. The CIL slogan is 'Nothing about us without us!'

Citizens Information Board   

The Citizens Information Board is the national agency responsible for supporting the provision of information, advice and advocacy on social services and for the provision of the Money Advice and Budgeting Service. It also funds and supports the Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS)  and the National Advocacy Service for People with Disabilities.  

Confidential Recipient for Vulnerable Persons         

A Confidential Recipient is an independent person appointed by the HSE to receive, refer and examine concerns and allegations of abuse, negligence, mistreatment or poor care practices in HSE or HSE funded residential care facilities in good faith from patients, service users, families, other concerned individuals and staff members.


Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI)

Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI) is the national support organisation for voluntary disability organisations in Ireland who provide services to people with disabilities and disabling conditions.

Disability Stakeholder Group (DSG)

Representatives of the key disability umbrella bodies along with individuals with lived experience of disability, and an independent Chairperson. The purpose of the group is to provide a forum within which disability stakeholders can work together to present one voice to Government through the National Disability Strategy Implementation Group (NDSIG) (search under N) on strategic issues in relation to the National Disability Strategy.

Down Syndrome Ireland        

Down Syndrome Ireland is a national voluntary organisation supporting people with Down syndrome and their families in twenty-five branches nationwide.


Equality Tribunal                                                                       

The Equality Tribunal’s main role is the investigation and mediation of complaints of discrimination in relation to employment and in relation to access to goods and services, disposal of property and certain aspects of education. This protection against discrimination applies to all nine grounds on which discrimination is prohibited under equality legislation – gender, civil status, family status, age, disability, race, religious belief, sexual orientation and membership of the traveller community. Where a complaint of discrimination is upheld redress can be awarded.

A Tribunal mediator will facilitate parties to reach a mediated agreement which is legally binding. Where parties object to mediation, a case will be heard by a Tribunal Equality Officer, who will hear evidence from both parties before issuing a legally binding decision.




Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA)

The independent authority responsible for driving quality, safety and accountability in residential services for childrenolder people and people with disabilities in Ireland. HIQA have produced standards to protect vulnerable people of all ages who are receiving residential care services and to ensure that these people are receiving an appropriate standard and quality of service.   HIQA have statutory powers to inspect and register services.

Health Research Board (HRB)

Lead Irish agency supporting and funding health research. The Health Research Board was established under the Health (Corporate Bodies) Act 1961 and by SI No 279 of 1986, from the amalgamation of the Medico-Social Research Board and the Medical Research Council of Ireland.      The HRB publish the annual report of the National Intellectual Disability Database.


Inclusion Ireland

The national organisation for people with intellectual disability. Inclusion Ireland is a national rights-based advocacy organisation that is committed to the promotion of the rights of people with an intellectual disability and their families.

Irish Autism Action

A national organisation working for positive change in the lives of those affected by autism.  Irish Autism Action provides a range of services including raising awareness, early detection diagnosis, education support, advocacy, counselling, and helpline, home based support, transition planning, social housing and  research

Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission  (IHREC)

An independent national human rights and equality institution established to protect and promote human rights and equality in Ireland. The Commission works to bring about change through legal means, policy and legislative advice, awareness and education, and partnerships across society.






National Advocacy Service (NAS) for People with Disabilities

An independent, confidential and free, representative advocacy service. NAS has a particular remit for people with disabilities who are isolated from their community and services, have communication differences, are inappropriately accommodated, live in residential services, attend day services and have limited informal or natural supports.                        

The National Advocacy Service for People with Disabilities has recently moved from Citizens Information Services, to work under the National Advocacy Service Board. The National Advocacy Service is provided through four regions and a National Office which is based in Dublin.  

National Disability Platform of Self-advocates

A committee of 12 self-advocates with disabilities from all over Ireland who represent themselves and others. The committee meet once a month in Dublin, organise a national conference once a year and have regional meetings all over the country. They are part-funded by Inclusion Ireland.

National Disability Authority (NDA)      

The independent state body providing expert advice on disability policy and practice to the government and the public sector and promoting Universal Design in Ireland.

National Disability Strategy Implementation Group (NDSIG)

The disability Strategy Implementation Group was formed in 2011 to assist the minister in drafting the implementation plan for the National Disability Strategy. They also monitor and review progress of the disability Strategy.  The group comprises key government departments, the County and City Managers Association, the National Disability Authority, and the Disability Stakeholders Group (DSG) (listed under D).

National Implementation Task Force for Disability Residential Services  

A group recently established by the HSE to develop long-term, evidence-based safeguarding practices and training programmes specific to residential settings.

National Federation of Voluntary Bodies  

A national umbrella organisation for voluntary/non-statutory agencies that provide direct services, on behalf of the HSE, to people with intellectual disability in Ireland. Their 60 member organisations account for over 85% of direct provision to people with an intellectual disability.

National Parent and Sibling Alliance    

The National Parent and Sibling Alliance is a national support and advocacy organisation that works in cooperation with other disability organisations throughout the country. The NPSA has assisted parents of people with intellectual disability and autism by providing information, support and advocacy.  It has also been at the forefront in advocating for the right to equal opportunities for people with an intellectual disability and autism. The NPSA is a non-profit organisation wholly dependent on the voluntary support of its members, indirect State funding (National Lottery Fund) and corporate and individual donors.


Office of the Disability Appeals Officer (ODOA)

The Disability Appeals Officer is an independent officer appointed by the Minister for Health & Children. The Officer provides an appeals service to people who wish to appeal against a finding or recommendation of a complaints officer of the Health Service Executive (HSE) made under the Disability Act 2005.  You can also appeal to the Disability Appeals Officer if the HSE or an education service provider has not implemented a recommendation made by a HSE complaints officer. Currently  the appeals process applies only Any child born after June 1st 2002, regardless of age.





Social Welfare Appeals Office    

The Social Welfare appeals Office is an independent agency established to provide an appeals service to persons who are unhappy with decisions of the Department of Social Protection on questions relating to entitlement to social welfare payments and insurability of employment under the Social Welfare Acts. The Office is headed by a Chief Appeals Officer and has its own Appeals Officers.

Special Needs Parents Association    

The Special Needs Parents Association is a national parent-run organisation which provides support and information for families who have children with disabilities and special needs in Ireland regardless of age or diagnosis.

By bringing parents together the SNPA aspire to give parents a voice by promoting improved treatment, education, welfare and acceptance for our children on a national level and peer support on a local level.

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