Corona Virus resources

Please note there is now much more information on our new webpage dedicated to Coronavirus resources


The World Health Organisation has released a short video on how to protect yourself from catching the Corona Virus

you can view the video here 

The World Health Organisation also has a good video on handwashing. This is the single best way to prevent 

the spread of Corona Virus

Inclusion Ireland has also developed an easy to read document. This tells you how you can try to prevent catching

the virus and also what to do incase you have been in contact with a person who has the virus. We have also developed 

an easy read guide to good hand washing practice. There is no need to panic  at the

moment. Inclusion Ireland would like if you could share these easy-to-read documents far and wide.

In case your family member with an intellectual disability has to go into hospital for treatment it can be a 

good move to have a 'health passport' which lists all about the person and any medications, likes and dislikes 

they may have. This makes it easier for health professionals to treat the person. A sample 'health passport' below.