Analysis of Political Party Manifestos by theme ahead of the General Election 2020.


Cost of disability- Take a look at the party analysis here.

People with disabilities in Ireland are much more likely to experience poverty than the general population. Inclusion Ireland looks at the commitments from the various parties to lift people with disabilities out of poverty through a Cost of Disability payment or other support.

Housing - You can access the analysis here.

There is a well-documented housing crisis in Ireland. What is less known is the housing crisis faced by people with disabilities and their families due to a lack of access to houses and supports to live independently and the slow movement of people out of institutions. Inclusion Ireland summarises the housing commitments of the various parties that will support people with disabilities to obtain and live in a home in their community.  

Education- The party analysis on education can be found here.

Inclusion Ireland asked that political parties commit to commencing the EPSEN Act, providing disability training to teachers, 300 more therapy staff and to ensure no child was educated in a class of more than 30. Here we look at what commitments the various parties have made in their manifestoes on education.

Promoting Rights- You can find the party analysis here.

Inclusion Ireland have identified commitments in relation to the UNCPRD, Assisted-Decision-Making (Capacity) Act and the participation of people in decision-making as being key rights that need to be promoted for people. This document looks at the manifesto commitments of each political party in comparison to Inclusion Ireland’s asks in relation to this theme for the election.