HSE Service Plan 2020: our analysis

The HSE National Service Plan commits to €30.5m additional spending on Disability Services in 2020. While this is very welcome additional funding

it will see some services expand at a reduced level on 2019 which is disappointing.

It is most welcome to see a commitment to develop mental health ID services as this vital service has been severely under-resourced. Many families are struggling

to cope with children with the most complex needs in the home so it it good to see a new HSE development to address this need in 2020.

It is disappointing to see no funding for planned residential supports for people with disabilities or for involving people with disabilities in HSE decision making. 
It is also disappointing to see a lower target for moving people out of congregated settings and fewer emergency residential places given demand.
2020 Service plan highlights include
  • The HSE commits to fully implement Progressing Disability Services. This has been a failed target for the past 4 years.
  • Reduce assessment of need waiting lists (by having recruitment sanctioned in 2019 in place).
  • A new Standard Operating Procedure for assessments of needs will be introduced as of January 1st.
  • The aim is to move 132 people from congregated settings. This is a reduction of almost 20% on 2019 target of 160.
  • 144 intensive home support packages will be available to families of children with complex support needs. This

includes addition access to respite, in home supports and behavioural supports.

  • 56 new emergency residential places. This is a reduction on the 90 places in 2019 and an absolute lack of

any planning for the future needs of people with intellectual disabilities.

  • 1600 school leaver and RT leaver day service places.
  • Develop Mental Health Intellectual Disability Services for children and adults. This is a welcome development as these are the poorest resourced of 

all mental health services at present.

  • 40,000 additional personal assistance hours.
  • €2m for an autism awareness campaign for parents and also community services.
  • The additional €30.5m extra disability services spend is as follows: €12.5 school and RT leaver day services; €2m autism awareness;

€6 assessment of needs; €5m emergency residential; €5m respite services.