Make Sligo Better for People with Disabilities




Over 30 people attended a workshop in Sligo to learn about a new project that Inclusion Ireland is running with Sligo County Council. The project, funded by the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, is about how public services like Sligo County Council can make things better for people with intellectual disabilities.

People heard about the different services the Council provides like libraries and swimming pools, roads and footpaths. People also learned about the Public Sector Duty, an Irish law that says public services, like councils, must protect human rights and make sure that people with disabilities can use their services as easily as everyone else. This could mean making sure people can get into buildings and get information that is easy to read.

The next workshop will take place with senior staff from Sligo County Council. An important part of the project will involve people with disabilities interviewing staff from the Council to see how accessible their services are and what changes may be needed.

The final stage of the project will be a seminar to share the findings and the recommendations. This will take place in September/early October. 

Read more about Inclusion Irelands' work on the Public Sector Duty at this link