Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection announces social welfare increases to take effect




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The Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection, Regina Doherty has announced that the new increased rate of pensions and weekly social welfare increases will come into effect from the week of the 25th of March 2019.

These increases were promised as part of Budget 2019.

What does this mean?

For people with disabilities, there will be a €5 increase in Disability Allowance from the 27th of March. This means that the full Disability Allowance will increase from €198 per week to €203 per week.

There will also be increases on weekly payments of

  • €2.20 for dependent children aged 12 and under, and
  • €5.20 for dependent children aged 12 and over.

For carers and family members of people with a disability there will be increases of €5 for Carer’s Allowance and €5 for Carer’s Benefit.

The increases announced by Minister Doherty mean there is a general increase of €5 for weekly welfare recipients for

  • People with disabilities,
  • Carers,
  • Widows,
  • Lone parents,
  • Jobseekers,
  • Maternity and paternity benefit recipients,
  • Farm Assist Recipients and
  • Community Employment participants

There will also be increases in pension payments of €5 per week for many pensioners aged 66 and over.

The increases mean that lone parents who receive the lone parent Family Payment and Jobseekers Transitional Payment will now be able to earn an extra €20 per week, up to €150, and still keep their full payment.

Also, this year the weekly Fuel Allowance of €22.50 is being extended by one week until the 12th of April 2019.

Minister Doherty said in her statement that she believes these increases will help a lot of people throughout the country, and that she is working toward restoring supports that were lost in the past 10 years of spending cuts.

For more information on all the changes you can read the Minister’s announcement at the following link.