Mental Health Commission Launch their Strategic Plan

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The Mental Health Commission have today (21/02/19) launched their Strategic Plan entitled 'Protecting People's Rights'.

The work of the Mental Health Commission is important for people with an intellectual disability on a number of fronts. It is widely documented that people with intellectual disabilities experience a higher instance of mental health difficulties than the general population. Their commitments today to make their work more accessible are warmly welcomed. 

Also of importance is the Decision Support Service (DSS) which operates within the Mental Health Commission. When fully operational, the DSS will support people with intellectual disabilities and others who may lack decision-making capacity to make their own decisions, with support if required. You can read more about assisted decision-making by clicking on this link

The Plan has 5 Strategic Objectives including, to promote and uphold human rights, to implement the legislation, to promote awareness of the Commission and to adapt to societal changes. 

The Commission announced that they were working closely with the Department of Health on the reform of the Mental Health Act 2001 and with the Department of Justice on commencing the Assisted Decision- Making (Capacity) Act 2015. 

Welcome plans to make the Commission more user friendly were announced, with more information about what the Commission does in Plain English and updated service user information to be produced. 

The Strategic Plan commits to having the Decision Support Service effectively established over the next 4 years, which would be a welcome development. 

The Mental Health Commission's Strategic Plan will be available on their webpage