Launch of Shining a Light on Seclusion and Restraint in Schools


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Inclusion Ireland held a seminar in Dublin to highlight the serious issue of seclusion and restraint of children in Ireland's schools.

On the day, a discussion paper was launched that shares the stories of 14 children who were forcibly held down or locked into rooms while at school.

Parents contacted Inclusion Ireland to say that their children had experienced seclusion and restraint at school. Seclusion is where someone is left on their own. They could be left in a room or other place on their own and sometimes the room is locked. Restraint is where someone is holding another person down and the person is not allowed move around.

Some parents were afraid to speak up about seclusion and restraint happening to their children. Some parents have already been talking to the schools and State bodies to help their children but nothing changed for them.

Other types of services have rules on seclusion and restraint where children are in services run by the Government. The rules say when and how to use seclusion and restraint on children. There are no rules on how people working in schools should use seclusion and restraint on children. Inclusion Ireland wrote a report to say that rules are needed to protect the rights of children.

You can read the discussion paper with the stories of the children involved here. You can also read Inclusion Ireland's press release here.