Our Reaction to Budget 2017 - Government fails to deliver on key commitments

Prior to Budget 2017, we published a list of 10 Things to Look Out For that included specific Government asks regarding speech & language therapists, medical cards and class sizes etc.

With the Budget now delivered, we have given our verdict with the use of a traffic light system – green for delivered, amber for partially delivered and red for not delivered at all.

In total, we have awarded Budget 2017 two green lights, two amber lights and six red lights.

We are disappointed that Budget 2017 has failed to deliver on some of the key commitments contained in current Government policy.

We view the Budget as a missed opportunity by the Government to implement key reforms that would increase the quality of life of people with disabilities in Ireland. 

The Government also delivered a number of measures that were not included in our Budget asks that we are happy to welcome.

These include the commitment to continue to fund TILDA, the Irish longitudinal study on ageing and assume that this includes a commitment to continue to fund the Intellectual Disability Supplement to the TILDA research. The IDS-TILDA provides important information on the aging of people with intellectual disabilities. We also welcome the increase of €100 to the Home Carer’s Tax Credit, bringing this up to €1,100. 

Further information

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