Inclusion Ireland calls on Local and European election candidates to commit to equality for people with disabilities in 2019 elections.

Inclusion Ireland has launched (15.04.19) its Local and European Manifestos and is calling on all candidates to prioritise the rights of people with disabilities.

Calling on prospective MEPs and Councillors to promote the rights of people with intellectual disabilities, Inclusion Ireland interim CEO, Sarah Lennon said “There are 643,131 disabled people in Ireland and each one of those individuals is a potential voter, as are their family members. Inclusion Ireland is asking prospective candidates to consider this constituency of people and to commit to working to ensure equality for disabled people in Ireland and Europe.”

Inclusion Ireland is asking all candidates running for local election to work towards promoting the rights of persons with intellectual disabilities by advocating for equality-proofing of housing and planning, ensuring accessible transport and generating meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities in their communities.

Sarah Lennon said “Locally elected councillors have a fantastic opportunity to work to ensure their constituents with a disability are fully included and we are asking Councillors to ensure the participation of people with disabilities in the planning of services by local authorities”.

“Inclusion Ireland is asking that Councillors work to ensure that people with disabilities will have access to a good supply of accessible accommodation in which they can live independent and well connected lives within the community and that transport that is accessible and affordable is ensured.”

Ms Lennon also called on candidates in the European elections to ensure the recently ratified UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) was central to their campaigns and said “Inclusion Ireland is asking European candidates to commit to work towards full equality for people with disabilities. This will involve working to close residential institutions for people with disabilities and to bring forward an EU law that would make sure that Ireland does not discriminate against people with disabilities in the ways it currently can.”

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Inclusion Ireland

Inclusion Ireland is a national rights-based advocacy organisation that works to promote the rights of people with an intellectual disability. The organisation provides a central forum to identify priorities and formulate nationally agreed policies to present to government, statutory bodies, other relevant groups as well as the general public. Inclusion Ireland campaigns for changes in services and legislation that will improve the quality of life and participation of people with an intellectual disability in Irish society in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

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