Disability Research Seminar Series 2017 takes place in Trinity College Dublin

Event date: 

Monday, 20 February, 2017

The Disability Research Seminar Series 2017 aims to provide an inter-disciplinary forum for discussion of disability research through 12 lectures on a range of topics and disability experiences, bringing together researchers from TCD and other universities and from disability-related organisations.

Partnerships between people with intellectual disabilities and academic researchers: A critical examination of inclusive research practices is next in the series and will be taking place on Monday, February 20th.

This will be hosted by Dr Edurne Garcia Iriarte in Room 4012, Arts Building, Trinity College.

Post-graduate students, final year under-graduate students, researchers, academics, advocates, activists and professionals are welcome.

Please contact Noreen O’Sullivan at noosulli@tcd.ie if you require access accommodations. 

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