Self-Advocacy Toolkits

Self-advocacy development manual

Inclusion Ireland has developed a manual for people working on developing self-advocacy groups. The manual which was developed during 2 years of self-advocacy development work in Sligo is aimed at staff and has lots of suggestions, role-plays and exercises designed to build capacity in people to speak up for themselves.

You may download the manual here 


Self-advocacy is understanding your rights.

Self-advocacy is speaking up for yourself and others if they cannot speak for themselves.

Self-advocacy is taking action.

Self-advocacy is taking control of your life.



A powerful self advocate has:

Good information.

Training and the right support when needed.

Opportunities to learn by doing.

Confidence in yourself.


What is self-advocacy?

Read about self-advocacy (PDF)



What are self-advocacy groups and why are they important?

Read about self-advocacy groups (MS-Word)



Becoming Board Members 

Self-Advocates as Board Members of Inclusion Ireland (PDF)




Setting Up a Self-Advocacy Group

Read about setting up a self-advocacy group (PDF)






Training staff

Read about training staff (PDF)






Rules within self-advocacy groups

Read about rules within self-advocacy groups (PDF)





Creating a vision statement


Creating a code of practice


Inclusion Ireland Guide to Advocacy