Self-Advocacy groups in Ireland



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Step and City Gate Advocacy Group

St John of Gods Carmona Services

Chairperson: Jane Fitzpatrick

This group meet monthly in the Office of Inclusion Ireland.

Anna Shinnors


Speak Up Council

Castel Industries St Michael's House

Chairperson: Dermot Lowdes

Juliane Reinheimer, Social Care Worker,


Action Forum in Co Action

Patrick Santry, chairperson of the CoAction Action Forum

The Action Forum is an elected group of representatives who use Co Actions services. The Action Forum meets once a month. Representatives talk about issues or ideas from their respective areas. Policies, proposals and ideas come from management for discussion by the forum. 

Based in Bantry in Cork.


Leinster Advocacy Platform

Meet monthly in Inclusion Ireland.

This is an independent self platform focused on rights issues for people with disabilities.

The group just finished a vision statement.

Contact Paul Alford for information on the group


The National Disability Platform of Self-Advocates

This is the first national independent self-advocacy group.

The group meet monthly and have a vision statement and are nearly finished a 3 year strategic plan.

Chairperson: Brian Hayes.

Contact Adrian Noonan as PRO


The Inclusion Ireland Self-Advocacy Committee

This group has 3 board members of Inclusion Ireland on it and meets once a month they are a very active issues based advocacy group.

There are 9 members on the group.

Chairperson: Brian Hayes.

Please contact


Cope Foundation

We have lots of self-advocacy groups that do work in local centres in Cork.

In these groups, people speak up for themselves and make changes for the better.

We are working on having people we support on Interview panels for new staff. We have tried it and it works well.

Self-advocates also do a presentation at induction for new staff so they understand the views of the people we support.



Seasamh is a self-advocacy forum for people with intellectual disability.

They are an independent organisation and they are run by people with disabilities for people with disabilities in the south east

Seasamh has forum meetings 4 times a year in different disability centres or hotels.

Chairperson: Brian Hayes.

Please contact


The Inclusive Research Network

The Inclusive Research Network is a group of people who come together to do research or talk about research that is about people with intellectual disabilities. 

This network is for anyone interested in this type of research e.g. self advocates, self-advocacy groups, organisations, researchers and community groups.

The IRN also make submissions to Government on issues that are important to them.  

The most recent submission was made in September 2014 to the Department of Justice on the Discussion Paper on Sexual Offences and Vulnerable Persons.

Chairperson: Patrick Santry.


The Speak Up Council

St John of Gods Kildare services

They meet once a month for a full day.

The facilitator works for the organisation, but has two service users who that are also facilitators.

Contact the facilitator at 0871260859.

Chairperson: Patrick Santry.


Adult Services Service User Committee

Central Remedial Clinic, Adult Services, Vernon Avenue, Clontarf, Dublin 3.

Alison Fitzmaurice (01) 8542215

In the CRC we have different types of services for adults.

They have 4 local centres:

• Coolock Local Centre

• Firhouse Local Centre

• Hartstown Local Centre

• Contarf Local Centre

They also have the following training programmes in our Clontarf Centre:

• Vocational Training (VT) for people who want to learn the skills they need for getting a job.

• Rehabilitative Training (RT) for school leavers who want to learn new skills which will help them to be more independent and to move on to vocational


• Life Skills course where people learn to be as independent as possible in their home and in their community.

• Jobs club for people who have a job or who are looking for a job

They have set up a service user council between to include service users from all our departments. 12 people have been chosen and the council will talk to decision makers about how you feel about different issues and these will be taken into account.


The Roscommon Advocacy Group Brothers of Charity

This advocacy group has 13 members.

Members come from 5 areas in Roscommon.

They meet every 2 weeks Brother of Charity Roscommon.

Chairperson: Aoife Hegarty.

This is a very active advocacy group.

This year the group planned a self advocacy conference ‘Equality for All’ in October 2014 in Athlone.

2 representatives from the Roscommon Advocacy Group sit on the National BOC Council.

This advocacy group is supported by Ms. Anna Nolan the Advocacy Coordinator BOC Roscommon. Phone number: 090 6628500.


Menni Voices

This self-advocacy group meets once a month.

Chairperson: Lisa McEvoy Secretary or 0852309539