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Inclusion Ireland publishes a quarterly E-Newsletter.

It provides information on what is happening in the disability sector in Ireland, as well as keeping you up to date with Inclusion Ireland events.

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Public Services Card

The Government has introduced a Public Services Card which will allow people to access a range of government services and payments. The Public Services Card will also replace the Free Travel Pass. 

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Read Easy to Read information about the Public Services card (PDF)


The Riot

The Riot is about self-advocacy. They offer a newsletter, a blog where self-advocates can share opinions, an online art gallery, toolkits, games and services to help individuals become stronger self-advocates. They cover topics that are important to self-advocates.

They are serious about self-advocacy issues, but they also want to make you laugh and feel good about life. Join them to celebrate the strengths of self-advocates. Help take on the barriers that stand in the way. Most of all, help them to help people live the life they want with the support they need.

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Many self-advocates live in the community and receive services. The services are often are paid for by Medicaid. These services are called Home and Community Based Services, or HCBS. In January 2014, Medicaid changed the rules about how these services can be delivered. You may have heard people talk about them as the 'CMS Rules'.

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The self-advocacy bulletin SPARKS comes from the Brothers of Charity in Clare.

SPARKS fulfills the Clare Platform Report authors' undertaking to try to make self-advocacy information more accessible to people within the support service and bring in fresh ideas advocates have for everything and anything people might want to exchange news about.

So from Connie Commane, Orla MacMahon, Brian Hogan and Ger Minogue, graphics selector Kathleen O'Leary and supporters Nora Rahilly and Rob Hopkins who make up the editorial team, they hope you enjoy the format and look forward to fresh input in the next issue.

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Inclusion Europe Newsletter

This is the one-stop-shop for news, policies, actions and events related to intellectual disabilities coming from Inclusion Europe, our member organisations and the European Institutions. You can also submit your articles and news by using the contact form.

Inclusion Europe represents the voice of over 60 organisations for persons with intellectual disabilities and their families across Europe.

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The European Platform of Self-Advocates (EPSA)

“Self-advocacy is all about getting stronger and making our voices heard.” The European Platform of Self-Advocates is made up of organisations of self-advocates from different countries in Europe. We call it EPSA. It is part of Inclusion Europe.

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