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Public Service Card 

​The Government has introduced a Public Services Card which will allow people to access a range of government services and payments. The Public Services Card will also replace the Free Travel Pass.

Full information video on the Public Service Card

Way Buddy App

An app that shows people with disabilities the way. Way Buddy helps people with learning difficulties to follow routes by showing them pictures of landmarks along the way.

Full information on the Way Buddy App.  

Information Documents

Easy to Read Independent Guide for 2015 Referenda

National Housing Strategy for People with a Disability 2011-2016 - Easy to read (PDF)

Medway Council Strategy 2011-2014 - Easy to Read (PDF)


Assisted Decision Making Bill (PDF)


The Connect People Network’s Submission on Sexual Offenses against Vulnerable Persons (MS-Word)


2014 Bill to Change Sexual Offenses in the Criminal Law Summary in Every Day Language


Rights and Safeguards for self-advocates (PDF)


Staying safe out and about (PDF)


UN Convention (PDF)


It's About Ability - An explanation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (PDF)


Inclusive Research Network submission on Sexual Offences against Vulnerable Persons Position Paper (PDF)


Empower Me brochures (PDF)


What is a Referendum? (PDF)


Support Networks - A Guide for Self-Advocates (PDF)


Understanding Vulnerability - A Guide for Self-Advocates (PDF)


Bild - Advocacy Factsheet (PDF)





Being in control of your money (PDF)


Money, Rights and Risks (PDF)


Money, Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS) Guide (PDF)



HIQA Standards for Adult Residential Services (PDF)


HIQA Inspections (PDF)


HIQA themes for group discussion (PDF)


More HIQA information Part 1 (PDF)


More HIQA information Part 2 (PDF)


More HIQA information Part 3 (PDF)