Equality & Rights

Inclusion Ireland is committed to equality and human rights and to bringing this commitment into our work. Our ambition is to work towards eliminating discrimination against, promoting equality of opportunity for and protecting the human rights of people with intellectual disabilities.

Values are those ideals that motivate us as individuals and as an organisation. The values of dignity, inclusion, social justice, democracy and autonomy define and underpin our commitment to equality and human rights. Each value informs the objectives we pursue and issues we seek to address in our work.


The Public Sector Duty

Inclusion Ireland got funding from the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission for a project on the Public Sector Duty.

A steering committee of 6 people with intellectual disabilities was picked for the project. This committee helped plan and carry out the project.

The project comes with two booklets, a guide called What is the Public Sector Duty? and a checklist called Checking a Public Service for Accessibility and lots of videos that explain how you can use the Public Sector Duty.

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Making Equality and Rights Real

Inclusion Ireland produced a toolkit that will guide disabled people in claiming their rights and achieving equality in disability services across Ireland.

Making Equality and Rights Real: A toolkit for setting up Equality & Rights Committees in Disability Services, is an Easy to Read, how to guide to setting up these committees.

Delivered by Inclusion Ireland with funding from the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, the project was guided and informed by a Steering Committee of seven individuals with an intellectual disability who shared their experiences and knowledge of the issues involved.

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