Inclusion Ireland condemns HSE for failing to protect the residents of Áras Attracta from abuse


Inclusion Ireland, the National Association for People with an Intellectual Disability, has condemned the HSE for its failure to protect residents of Áras Attracta from abuse following the publication of a HIQA overview report that details the negative findings of 14 inspections from July 2015 to May 2017.

The report shows that no progress was made in improving the lives of residents living in Áras Attracta since the scandalous revelations of the ‘Inside Bungalow 3’ Prime Time programme in December of 2014.

The failure to move residents to community-based accommodation, failure to respond to abuse between residents and a failure to appropriately consult with residents on decisions around their personal finances, highlighted in the report, reinforces the bleak picture illustrated by McCoy’s report that followed the 2014 scandal.

Paddy Connolly, CEO of Inclusion Ireland, said, “The findings of this report demonstrate the failure of all parties to act despite multiple reports which demonstrated an abusive, sterile environment, devoid of meaningful activity.”

“The independent McCoy report, which followed the Prime Time programme, set a five-year clock ticking for the transition to community living for all residents. We are now halfway through that period with no progress.”

“In October 2015, Inclusion Ireland was invited to meetings with senior HSE managers and HIQA, at which, progress was promised but this has absolutely failed to emerge so the Minister needs to hold the HSE and those managers accountable.”

“Nobody has taken responsibility to deliver those changes or to protect residents and it is now essential that action is taken quickly but in a respectful and planned manner, and that all stakeholders are involved including the residents of Áras Attracta, family representatives, the relevant government departments and employee representatives.”

“Notwithstanding the involvement of all stakeholders, political leadership is required by Minister for Disability Issues, Finian McGrath, who must immediately intervene to ensure that this failed entity is closed as a matter of priority. Once again, this demonstrates that there is great tolerance for the abuse of persons with a disability in this State.”


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