Budget 2018

The Programme for Partnership Government commits to:

  • Eliminate any persisting discrimination on the nine grounds,
  • Equality of opportunity,
  • supporting persons with disabilities in maximising their potential.

Inclusion Ireland believes that persons with disabilities should live self-determined lives and Budget 2018 provides an opportunity to reform traditional services and systems, to create a more equal and just society, to encourage participation and decision-making, and to develop pathways into a life in the community.

Public Sector Duty

Government departments are required to have regard to the public sector duty in all activities as provided for by Section 42 of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Act, 2014. Inclusion Ireland would encourage the Departments to ensure that all decisions made for Budget 2018 are in line with this duty by being proactive in promoting equality, ensuring human rights are realised and eliminating discrimination.

Pre-Budget Submissions by Department

Budget Priorities 2018 Factsheet

Download and share Inclusion Ireland's list of priorities by department here. This list has not been compiled in order of importance so check out the submissions above to view all of Inclusion Ireland's recommendations for each department.